Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation

Yoga Nidra guided meditation invites you to companion the greatness seeded inside you.


And therefore, friend, if your great race were run
And these things came, so much the more thereby
Have you made greatness your companion

W.B. Yeats – From These Are the Clouds


In this article I will share with you (together with a yoga nidra audio download)

  • Preparation for Yoga Nidra.
  • Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation.


This yoga nidra guided meditation will be available in the following formats:-

  • Mp3 download.
  • YouTube Video
  • Pdf file

This yoga nidra guided meditation is taken from Awakening to Love – Powers, Signs and Practices for Living and Authentic Life.


Yoga Nidra Preparation

Your body can be used as a mechanism; then you need not be very sensitive about it. The body goes on saying many things you never hear because you don’t have any contact. So try to be more and more sensitive about your body. Listen to it; it goes on saying many things, and you are so head-oriented you never listen to it.

– Osho


Yoga Nidra is the practice I have chosen to begin the ten Awakening to Love practices. It is the practice I begin and end my day with. The term ‘Yoga Nidra’ translates as “yoga sleep.” This is a paradoxical practice because it is foundational in awakening you from the dream of the separate sense of self you think you are.

The word yoga means, “to yoke.” It is the experience of unification. You unify the personal with the impersonal and the human with the Divine. There is awakening to the Timeless and the Formless within. You find space to be in Love. Being in Love is your homeplace.

Anyone can learn the practice of Yoga Nidra and everyone has the time to do this practice especially before sleep. I recommend you start your day with this practice. This can be a ten minute practice or longer. I recommend you practice for longer periods in the beginning so you become familiar with the technique.

Benefits of Yoga Nidra Practice

Learning this practice of Yoga Nidra will improve your health because you bring awareness to the whole body. You learn to feel your subtle energy body and more grounded and present. There is felt a greater sense of embodiment that you wish to remain centred in. This experience of centredness takes time to know how to be present with and as.

The practice of Yoga Nidra is a journey of patience and faith. You commit to a strange paradox. This is when you discover the fullness of inner silence, not as more information, but as experiential transformation. You open yourself to knowing that Love is an inside job.

Begin the practice of Yoga Nidra by listening to a form of guided meditation. The presenter takes you through a scan of various parts of the body. You are not asked to do anything other than bring your awareness to that part of the body. Usually to start with this practice is between thirty to forty five minutes. With practice I have reduced this to ten minutes.


Yoga Nidra on YouTube

There are many Yoga Nidra presentations on Youtube that  I recommend you listen to. Let this be part of the invitation to explore taking authority for listening to the wisdom voice within. Yoga Nidra is a practice that begins with listening. I have included my own Youtube yoga nidra video at the end of this article.

It is important that whatever presentation you choose you trust the voice of the person guiding you in the return to the body. The more you trust the voice the deeper into silence and fulfillment you will allow yourself to go.


Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.
~ Jimi Hendrix


I have recorded an mp3 audio version of Yoga Nidra for you to download and listen too. It is the longer version of the body awareness session.  In time you practice Yoga Nidra without external guidance. You find your own script and follow it. In this way you become your own authority. You listen to the wisdom voice within. There is the beginning of allowing. You are allowing the free flow of YES. – Your Energy System.



Before you begin.

I recommend you read the introduction to Yoga Nidra practice below.


Yoga Nidra Practice – Introduction


It is through your body that you realize you are a spark of divinity.

~ B.K.S. Iyengar

To begin this Yoga Nidra practice please ensure you will not be disturbed for around thirty minutes. Switch of any mobile phone and if possible have the room in which you practice as dark as possible and as silent as possible other than the sound of my voice.

You can practice lying on your bed or on a yoga mat on the floor. Make sure you are warm enough. Make it your intention that for the period of this Yoga Nidra practice you will not fall asleep. If you do fall asleep simply allow this. Do not make it a problem. Accept that the body needs the rest. Gift yourself this rest.

Make it your intention to gift yourself this time. Allow this practice to become a place of sanctuary. Recognize there will be times when you do not stay with the practice. The voice in your head will often distract you to the point of distraction.

This happens. Stay with the practice. The dawn will come. Recognize that you are not changing the content of the personal mind. You are changing the structure of the personal mind. Metaphorically speaking you are making the servant the servant and the Sovereign the Sovereign. Rather than continue to live in the basement of the personal sense of self you are inviting yourself to live in the Palace of Presence.

Yoga Nidra – Beyond Success or Failure

This is not a practice of success or failure. It is a practice of turning up an doing without expectation. If this is the only practice you ever do for the rest of your life the health benefits alone will be worth the time you take to practice. This practice does not require any need to believe in God or whatever word you use for this wordless experience. It requires you be an explorer. You take the adventure into the unknown. This is to explore the seeded potential within you.

Let your attitude in this practice be one of reverence. Invite the awakening to Love and a feeling connection with the Beloved who knows you by heart and has loved you all your life. You have forgotten what this feels like. Yoga Nidra is the practice of inviting remembrance. It is the practice of inviting reunion with this sense of the Beloved of who you are a part but never in reality apart from.


Yoga Nidra – Informed by Love

Yoga Nidra is a practice of returning to the body. You are training to live as a body in full Presence and making yourself available to the Presence of Love. In this way you bring Heaven to Earth. You bring the Timeless into time, the Formless into form. You make yourself available to the dance of eternity that created you to dance through you. Recognize that it takes time to learnt to allow this dance. It is never the same. Forever new. It flows as it will.

Your task is to allow this dance of Love to flow as it will through you. Your task in practicing Yoga Nidra is to allow yourself to be informed by Love. In this way you awaken from the sleep of separation. You awaken to know you are Sleeping Beauty who was once asleep in the tower of the personal mind. Now that beauty lives embodied on earth available to live from the Timeless where she lives in the happily ever after. This is not a fairytale. It is your birthright. With this introduction let us now begin the practice of Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra Youtube Presentation and MP3 Download


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To listen to this Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation  in mp3 format please download the recording at the link below. I have also made available the script in word and pdf format for those who may find it useful to read or record for their own purposes.


Extracted from Awakening to Love – Power, Signs and Practices for Living an Authentic Life.


Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation Script

For a copy of this yoga nidra guided meditation script download a pdf copy below:-

Yoga Nidra Meditation Script



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