The Song of Wandering Aengus – I Went Out to the Hazel Wood.

I went out to the hazel wood is the opening line from the poem The Song of Wandering Aengus by W.B.Yeats.

In this series of reflections on poems by W. B. Yeats from A Journey with Mr. Yeats – 10 Poems to Companion YOUR Greatness  I take a line from the poem and reflect on what it means for me. This is not an academic appraisal but a sharing from my personal love of the poetry of William Butler Yeats and how it has guided my life.

The outline of this page is as follows:-
  • The Reflection
  • Thought for the Day
  • The Quest-i-on
The Hero/ine is that individual who answers The Call to Adventure. They leave the Ordinary World. This is the leaving the world of the known for the world of the unknown. This is the world of the comfort zone for the adventure into the mystery. It is choosing the Red Pill (The Matrix 1999) in order to see just how far into the wonderland that is your True Self that you can go.
In the poem Song of Wandering Aengus our Hero/ine goes out to the hazel wood. You as the Hero/ine will go to different places. Wherever you go the hazel wood refers to that place where you have access to wisdom. Your hazels wood is that place of wisdom within you. It is a place of transmission. It is that place where you allow yourself to move from knowledge (intellect) to being known through (heart). You move from knowledge to Knowing. You eat of the Tree of Knowledge beyond good and evil.
My Personal Hazel Wood
My personal hazel wood adventure happened on a train going to Kings Cross station in London from one of the suburbs. On this train I was reading a book. By the Indian sage and mystic Jiddu Krishnamuti. In this book he shared his wisdom on various topics. The chapter I was reading was simply titled Understanding. Kristnamurti had lit a fire in my head that took me into a place of magic, wonderment and deep longing to know.
On that train, from that book, I was given a transmission, a revelation that has perfumed my life ever since.
For twenty minutes more or less so great my happiness that I was blessed and can bless – W. B. Yeats. (Vasillation)
What I write and how I write is really coming from that experience of revelation. That revelation is not a belief. It is a Knowing. It is a great grace to be able to share this experience of transmission, revelation and transformation. In the words of W. B. Yeats, “I am blessed and can bless.”

Thought for the Day

What is your hazel wood experience? Have you answered the call?

Quote for the Day

What need to believe when you Know – Jiddu Krishinamurti.
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