This morning I received an email reminding me that now it the time to pre-order trees or hedging for planting while they are still dormant.

This give me thought as to what I wish to surround the planned labyrinth with by way screening that will in time provide privacy for those who walk it.


hornbeam hedging for garden labyrinth

I have thought that I want to use hornbeam hedging for various reasons.

According to Future Forests who are a supplier of trees, hedges and perenials that I use regularly the hornbeam has the following characteristics.

Not as widely planted as Beech, but that could change as people get to know this great hedge. Hornbeam can be kept small or left grow into a tall hedge and it often clipped into topiary. When clipped, it holds its straw coloured leaf throughout the Winter and even though it is deciduous, a densely planted hedge provides a year-round screen. Carpinus betulus will grow in any soil, it is wind hardy and is one of the few hedges that can be safely recommended for very damp sites.

I have attempted to grow copper beach hedging here in Corrogue (Cordressagagh) but with not much success. I think this is because it was at a time when I was very new to gardening and I planted it with not enough regard to the wet conditions.

The nice thing about the hornbeam is that according to Future Forests “it can be safely recommended for very damp sites.”

Another lovely idea is that this can be clipped into topiary which will allow me to experiment with ideas for different shapes that represent various symbols of healing and invitation to mindfulness.

For example I would love to create the shape of a star. This is the symbol representative of the heart chakra that invites awakening to the KNOWING of the TRUE SELF

Mindful Garden Reflection.

There are universal shapes that invite connection to meaning. The square, the circle, the cresent, the equidistant cross and the star. Which of these shapes do you intuitively resonate with