Sweet Dancer by W. B. Yeats – Becoming the Dance

Extract from A Journey with Mr. Yeats

Who is the one that is the Sweet Dancer? The Sweet Dancer is you anytime you feel in alignment with the companion within. You and the Dance of Life are one. You and the Dance of Life are always One. This feeling of at-one-ment is the true work of the second half of life. It is the work of moving beyond identification with the personal to the allowing of the flow of the universal. You and the Beloved become lovers.

When was the last time you truly allowed yourself to be you?” This is “you” as a unique expression of The Lord of the Dance. This does not mean you are necessarily engaged in some formal or non-formal expression of dance although for some it will happen that way.

You are the Sweet Dancer when you know and honour the way in which the energy of Universal Intelligence expresses through you. To learn to be in alignment with this creative and expressive energy is the work of the Hero/ine who willingly companions their greatness.

A Journey with Mr Yeats

To be the dance you are created to be is an experience of flow. This is a body experience and not an intellectual experience. The moment you engage your personal mind with its capacity for addictive over-thinking you immediately shut down this flow. You as the Sweet Dancer need to be crazy enough and courageous enough to allow yourself to disappear into the Dance.

It takes commitment to learn to be this Sweet Dancer This is a commitment to learning how to move out of the over-thinking mind into the feeling Presence within the body.

It requires that you move from judgement to allowing. Therefore in this poem the dancer is a young girl. She represents the energy of feminine allowing that trusts the flow of her life force.

The Sweet Dancer is someone who allows you to see beyond the ordinary world of opposites and opposition. They allow you to see and invite the free fow of the Lord of the Dance. Therefore you will thus exclaim, “Oh sweet dancer.”

Those who live as an experience of flow call you into the allowing of your unique way of being a dance of the formless within the form of the body. They call you into living as an expression of the Timeless within time.

They live with a mind that is still and available to hearing the call from the deep heart’s core (Lake Isle of Innisfree) In this way the Sweet Dancer allows you to free your mind from your addiction to over-thinking that keeps you out of the flow of the dance.

Thought for the Day

How do I commit to the dance that is intended to be expressed through me?

Quote for the Day

Society is afraid of all those people who start dancing with God, because they become dangerous, they become rebellious, they become free – Osho

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