The third power in this series is the Power of Spiritual Commitment that invites the experience of being true to oneself. Being true to oneself is honoring the True Self and not the time bound personal self you identify with. The word “personal” comes from the word ‘persona’ which means mask. This mask is the image you present to the world and identify with as “Me, my and myself.”

What Does Spiritual Commitment Look Like?

I have specifically chosen the picture entitled The Accolade by Edmund Leighton (see above) to share with you what spiritual commitment looks like. The images in this painting, as are characters in fairy tales, representations of yourself.

In the story of the Ugly Duckling by the Brothers Grimm you are the Ugly Duckling who in reality has the nature of grace and beauty as represented by the swan. You are both beauty and the beast awakened in the Rose Garden. Being true you yourself is an experience of revelation (ugly duckling) or awakening from under the spell of the personal self (Sleeping Beauty or the Beast in Beauty and the Beast).

In The Accolade the young Queen is dressed in white. She is the one with the sovereign power to grant the accolade. She represents your REAL sovereign power.

The sovereignty of one’s self over one’s self is called Liberty.
– Albert Pike

The Soverign State of Being True to Oneself

She is the feminine power within you aligned with the state of sovereignty. She receives her power from the Source of the One Life. She is young symbolizing she has access to the Timeless. This is you when you are willing to commit to being a channel for the purity of Love’s Purpose. 

This young queen represents the proper use of the personal will. She is that aspect of you that is willing to receive the Message of Love that allows you to experience your being true to oneself.

Spiritual awakening is the commitment of the masculine power within you willing to serve the Divine Feminine. You are attired in the garments of a Knight of the realm. This is the realm you will serve. You are committed. This commitment as shown in this picture is witnessed by a body of people.

This commitment to your inner Queen/King gives your life true purpose. You might not know what you have exactly signed up for but if your intention is pure then you will be guided in the tasks that you are to do. You are the young Knight of the realm willing to act in the service of Love’s Purpose. Your actions become the movement of Love in action moving from embodied Presence.


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The Power of Intention and Soverign Energy

Each day through the Power of Intention (Day 02) consciously attire yourself in the costume of a Knight of the realm prepared to act in the service of Love. These are strange garments because they are invisible. You put them on in a specific way. This involves the proper use of your personal will, your imagination, your mind and body.

This invites you to feel inspired (to be in spirit) and to be thought through. In this way you bring abundance to the wasteland of the sense of separateness from Love. Being true to oneself requires this level of commitment to the highest that is within you. You will not necessarily know what that is but you are willing to serve that which is potential within you.

The charge of knighthood is to bring greatness, not to himself, but to others. It is a charge, not of lordship, but of service. From The Knight’s Charge

This is the practice of faith in the real meaning of that word. It invites you into that realm which is beyond belief. Each day, as a Knight of this realm in service to the sovereign state within you intentionally commit to have the resonance of Queenship move you to act in the world.

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. e.e. cummings Click To Tweet

This involves the practices of willingness and welcoming. You don’t have to know exactly what to do – you have to know how to allow yourself to be done through.  Neither do you have to think about it – you allow yourself to be thought through. This is your being drawn into union rather than being driven from the slavery that is the voice in your head.

This voice serves the interest of the personal self and ultimately the wasteland of separation from Love.

The Primary Choice – self or Self

This is your primary choice in life especially after the age of fifty years. It begins in earnest in your late thirties. It is the choice spoken about when the Master Jesus says,

No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” (Matthew 6:24 KJV)

The word ‘mammon’ refers to the idea of yourself as separate from Love. This daily choice of being true to oneself is to choose either to serve the obsessive and compulsive voice in your head that broadcasts fear and separateness or serve unity and abundance that arise from the sovereign state within.

being true to oneself

Spiritual Commitment – Being True to Oneself is Serving Your Inner King/Queen

If you are willing to be in service to the magnificence of the potential seeded in you then you need to know how to cloak yourself in the invisible attire of one who would serve the inner King/Queen.

In the next few invitations from this series in Awakening to Love I will share with you how you dress yourself as a rightful Knight of the Realm that is the sovereign state of unity.

So we end this sharing of the 3rd power involved in awakening the heart to Love. Remember these powers are not linear. They are essentially threads in a tapestry. You are the one required to be the weaver. This is an energetic weaving. Each tapestry will be created uniquely. Each tapestry will have its own beauty. You weave through practice.

You become an artist of your personal Y.E.S which is 

Y – Your

E – Energy

S – System

The next power in the series of ten powers I will be sharing is the Power of Listening. So until then I thank you for taking time either to listen of to read this sharing.

Please feel free to leave a comment or if you wish ask a question. In this way there is an invitation to a deeper communion rather than simply more information.


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