Silent Fellowship – The Practice of Going Out to the Hazel Wood

Dedicated to Siobhan MacMahon

So let me share a personal example of what setting sacred intention looks like.  Here is how I start each day. If I do not start my day in this way I am more easily pulled of centre.

This practice of setting sacred intention is the practice of what the singer songwriter Mike Scott of the Waterboys calls silent fellowship. This is a fellowship with the greatness you are here to companion. You begin to explore the paradoxical power of silence.

This is the NO-THING-NESS out of which everything arises. It is this NO-THING-NESS out of which you arise in each moment. You begin to experience the DEEP TIME of your life.

Awakening to Silent Fellowship

My day usually starts around 5-00 or 6-00 am in the morning. I get to watch the sun come up over the Playbank. My hazel wood is my bedroom. On awakening the first thing I do is practice Yoga Nidra. This is a practice of inner body awareness.  For more info (See link here) It is usually done in the dark when moth like stars are flickering out. It is done in silence. It is done in the silent fellowship in the morning gold.

Silent Fellowship Video

Learning to enter DEEP TIME

The intention of practicing Yoga Nidra is to take myself into what the writer Richard Rohr calls “deep time.” It is a time of Presence. The breath is still. The mind is quiet. The stream of energy flows silently and deeply. Mythologically speaking. I enter the Land of Tir Na Nog.  It is entry into the Timeless – the Land of the Forever Young.

Into that still deep stream of aligned energy I cast a berry in a stream of awareness. This is in the form of a Sankalpa. A Sankalpa is a statement that encapsulates your true heart’s desire. In silent fellowship I repeat this statement three times. This is my sacred intention for the day. The phrase I use is, “Thy will be done.” This is the phrase I love. I have explored others.  This works for me. It need not be your phrase.

Entering the Flow

Following this practice I will write these pages that I share with you here. These are written out of the silence in which I sit in this bedroom in Corrogue. Threre is a great grace happens as the words flow.

When I begin to write there is no stopping me. This is only because I have now been doing this for so long that I can allow this flow. The words flow like a silent stream.

I love this practice of writing words of beauty. More than this I love that via the Internet I get to share these invitations to Companioning your Greatness. It is the way in which I am blessed and can bless (Vasillation).

I love that I am graced to be a channel for their expression. This is the power and beauty of allowing. It is the eating of the silver apples of the moon.

Lighting the Fire in the Head

For those who have never experienced what Yoga Nidra is I share with you some resourses below.

Yoga Nidra Resources

Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation (Click Here)


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