A sign of spiritual progress is that you move from seeking to exploration. There is a subtle shift in focus. The focus of the seeker is on lack and on the future. The explorer is not so future focused. They have a genuine interest in the present moment.

This is the 2nd in the series of 10 articles related to spiritual growth signs The 10 signs of spiritual growth and development are extracted from the forthcoming book Awakening to Love – Powers, Signs and Practices for Living the Authentic Life by the writer.

Sign of Spiritual Progress

No 2  Exploring Spirituality

The explorer is childlike. You explore from a sense of wonder. No longer do you think about whether this exploration will make you more spiritual or improve your personal self-image. In addition you enjoy the gifts gifted to you and through you from the One Life. The explorer is patient. You are less grasping. The explore is, to quote from a Van Morrison lyric, “I’m a soul in wonder.

Exploration does not focus on success or failure. You simply open to the invitation from the present moment. This invitation arises from the Field of Infinite potential through your conscious intention. This also includes the very important aspect that is awareness of feelings.

The wise are who they are. They work with what they’ve got and do what they can do.
― Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh

Spiritual Exploration Leads to Expectation

With the attitude of exploration develops expectation. You expect rather than demand and are given what is asked for. This is in large part because you are asking key questions. You are attentive to how Creation uniquely expresses through you. There is no demanding. There is You are willingly receptive. You are beginning to live from a sense of wonder.

Experience a real sign of spiritual progress as each day invites adventure. You awake at dawn and know it has secrets to reveal. The mystery express through you in the way it knows how. With an attitude of exploration the world begins to open. Exploration is an invitation to expansion and depth.

You are here to explore the infinite possibilities that are the way of Love. Exploration is an unending journey. It is a willingness to venture into the unknown. It takes you into the realms beyond belief. Exploration means you are your own authority. In the words of the Star Trek mantra you, “Go where no man has gone before.” The word ‘man’ in this phrase is not gender specific.


exploring spirituality

Chariot of the Sun – John Charles Dollman (1851-1934)

Spiritual Exploration Means Entering the Unknown

A sign of spiritual progress is that you are no longer willing to live from a script or defined Holy Scripture. You take the journey into faith and through unknowing into being known through. This is a real challenge. You enter unknown territory. It does not mean no one has mapped this territory before. It does mean you have to walk the territory and not simply believe in the map. You follow the signposts and do not cling to them claiming to have knowledge of the territory you have never travelled.

How much more comfortable it is to be a map reader or cling to signposts. No real risk is involved. Not much transformation involved either. You awake at dawn and know what is ahead. In the words of the Jean Houston, Ph. D., scholar, philosopher and researcher in Human Capacities, and writer of The Wizard of Us: Transformational Lessons from Oz life is the, “Same old same as.” You awaken at dawn and move through the day asleep to the wonder of existence. You expect that life is not so wonderful. You receive what you expect. The universe will not violate your expectations.

Spiritual Exploration is Revelation

As an explorer you are open to possibility. You have nothing to lose except the illusion that you are separate from the creative force of Love. As explorer of possibility you are attentive but not grasping. Life expresses through you but you are not looking to gain something from it. It lives through you in order to explore creation in infinite ways. The Infinite lacks nothing. It isn’t seeking to find itself. It is living as an infinite exploration of unending possibility yet unknown. You invite this unknowing to be known through you. Like hero Neil Armstrong in the movie The Matrix you are the One. Therefore move from seeker to explorer. Most of all have fun.

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