Companioning Your Greatness – Day 04 – Self Affirmation for Life

Up to this point in our journey of companioning our greatness we have explored what greatness is and how we might recognize it.

Now we come to that part of the journey where you are invited to explore making a commitment to companioning this greatness.

For most us, our greatness is like sleeping beauty locked in the tower (intellect) awaiting to be kissed awake so that we might KNOW what it is to feel whole.

Point to Ponder

If you wish to review the journey of awakening creativity here are the links to previous reflections, exercises, prompts and points to ponder: –

Companioning YOUR Greatness, as Tara Brach declares, is a revolutionary act of treating ourselves kindly. It is also a revelatory awakening where we can know what it is to be blessed and to bless (Vacillation)

Self Affirmation or self affirmation

But this revolutionary act of treating ourselves tenderly can begin to undo the aversive messages of a lifetime.”

― Tara Brach, Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life With the Heart of a Buddha

The invitation here is to invite the experience of Self affirmation. This is where you learn HOW TO invite affirmation from the Universal Intelligence of which you are a part but never apart from.

This is a more radical and revelatory practice that repeating affirmations. It invites you to trust a power beyond the limitation of your personal sense of self.

In learning to companion your greatness you make a choice between self-affirmation which is the practice of developing the personality and the practice of inviting the Presence that lights up the personality.

The moment you accept yourself you are beautiful – Osho

Point to Ponder

There is nothing wrong with personal development. It is needed. It is the work of creating strong ego boundaries so that you can be graced the experience of the Boundless.

What is Companionship

In this course you are invited to companion your greatness. So what does it mean to be a companion?

The word ‘companion’ derives from two words. This is the word ‘com’ meaning”with” and the word ‘pane’ meaning bread

This indicates that a companion is a person who. symbolically speaking, someone you break bread with.

Another way of saying this is that a companion is someone with whom you are in communion and not just someone who you are in communication with.

In other traditions the companion is called: –

  • An Anamcara – Soul Friend. (Celtic Spirituality)
  • Kalyāṇa-mittatā– Fierce Friend. (Buddhism)
  • The Friend. – (Mystical Islam)

Qualities of Companionship

Companioning your greatness is a journey in radical self-acceptance and revelation. You are called to be one who in in communion with that which is your Essence.

You are called to become your own Anam cara or Kalyāṇa-mittatā.

So what would such becoming involve?

You commit to awakening the heart and developing the following qualities: –

  • Patience
  • Non-judgement.
  • Allowing
  • Faith.
  • Forgiveness

The word ‘faith’ as it is used here denotes a willingness to enter the unknown in order that you can be KNOWN through by Universal Intelligence.

It is not to be equated with the word ‘belief.’



Spend two minutes writing about how these qualities appear in your life. Take two minutes for each if necessary.

Things to Notice

Notice is when you write about any of these qualities if judgement of yourself arises. If this happens then practice simply witnessing this judgement.

Do not judge the judgement.

In this way you are engaging in the revolutionary act of treating yourself tenderly that can begin to undo the aversive messages of a lifetime. (Tara Brach)


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