Recognizing Greatness – Day 03 – Steps in Creative Thinking

Creativity is the Greatest Rebellion

– Osho

We are on a journey of awakening creativity and recognizing greatness. Greatness is the contribution you are here to gift to the world in your unique way.

In our Western culture, especially in the 1st half of life, the focus is on achieving greatness.

This is evidenced by our obsession with celebrity. It is an intimation that we have forgotten our own celebration – our own sweet dance

How can you know the dancer from the dance – Sweet Dancer – W. B. Yeats

Recognizing Greatness

The ways in which you recognize greatness in the 1st half of life differ from those in the 2nd half of life. Usually you are not taught how to recognize these other, more allowing and feminine, invitations to greatness.

The word feminine here is not gender specific. It refers to the way your energy is in flow.

They include: –

These are the doorways to the experience of Presence.

Do not try to define Presence. It is an experience beyond definition.

You are the eternal flow of Presence expressing through the form of the body.

All creativity, all that is NEW, all that is beauty, power (in the real sense) – all that is truly Great comes from alignment and communion with Presence.

Blocks to Greatness

One of the major qualities of creativity is the experience of the NEW.

Blocks to awakening creativity include: –

  1. Thoughts
  2. Time
  3. Tension

This is the normal approach to everyday living. It is the approaching life from doing rather than Being.

To be or not to be? That is the question? – William Shakespeare

In the modern world of education we are educated, not for creativity and vison, but for production and consumption.

We are educated in how to over-think which leads to thought being our primary way of relating to the world.

We are educated in doing time and thus miss the power and beauty of the Timeless.

We are educated in doing, whereby, we push the river of Life rather than trust the magnificence of the flow.

The river flows and the grass grows by itself – Zen Proverb

Exercise/s and Points to Ponder

Exercise 01

Let us return to the qualities of creativity by exploring these words in relation to how to recognize the experience of inviting greatness to express through you.

  • Feeling
  • Fineness
  • Flow

For two minutes express what these three words allow you to feel.

You can write words. You can doodle. You can dance. You can sing. You can paint or draw. You might like to sit in silence.

Point to Ponder

Recognize how you resist, or maybe do not resist, this invitation.

Have you immediately started with the voice in your head?

This is not a judgement. It is learning to recognize how you block creativity through the main focus on thought.

Point to Share

If you have ever been on a silent retreat, either in a group or alone, there comes a point when you are happy for no reason.

In silent fellowship, in silence we sit, in the morning gold – Mike Scott – The Waterboys

This is the experience of Life coming through you. You will want to dance. You will want to write a poem, maybe a book.

You are in the words of W. B. Yeats, “Oh, sweet dancer.”

Recognizing Greatness in Fulfillment

You will feel fulfilled and you will wish to pour this fulfilment into the world. This is the awakening of creativity. You have relaxed into the fullness of NO-THOUGHT.

In Irish mythology this is the experience of claiming the fourth treasure of the Four Treasures of Ireland. This is The Cauldron of Plenty.

This is the Cauldron of the Good God Dagda which is forever empty and forever full.

This symbolises the opening of the heart to the emptiness that is forever full. This is the invitation to your heart. It is to invite living from the deep hearts core.

The Greatness Revelation

Greatness is a revelation – not an achievement. You can achieve success but it will be dependant on its opposite.

Greatness is an experience beyond duality. It is living from Essence. It is the way in which to find authentic happiness

You do not achieve this revelation. It is so much more magnificent. What you are required to do is to commit to inviting this revelation that you are.

This requires three major things (which are really nothings): –

  1. Commitment
  2. Discipline
  3. Patience

These are the three essentials that invite your living from Essence.

These are the three essentials for learning what the German social psychologist, psychoanalyst, and humanistic philosopher Eric From calls The Art of Loving. This the art of awakening creativity.

Exercise 02

In the light (awareness) of the above spend two minutes reflecting on how you would design a daily practice that includes some or all of the expressions and invitations to awakening creativity.

To support such a design let me share with you words that invite the glory of awakening creativity, especially in the 2nd half of life.

  • Flow.
  • Silence
  • Fineness
  • Presence
  • Patience
  • Time

Resisting Greatness

Points to Ponder

Notice if you feel any resistance to making such a daily commitment.

In noticing resistance do not beat yourself up. That is simply more resistance.

Simply witness the judgement and turn it into discernment.

Key Practice/Practices

Witnessing is a KEY practice in dissolving blocks to awakening creativity and Love.

Witnessing is the practice of detachment but not the detachment from feelings.

Feelings are the free flow of energy. Emotions are energy attached to thought.


I have provided below a comments section for anyone who would like to share the journey of awakening creativity.

Maybe you have a question?

Maybe you want to give feedback?

All are welcome here.

Point to Note

I do not add a link at the end of this day’s exploration of awakening creativity to the next part of the course for a specific reason.

This is to invite you to commit to a daily practice of reflection. This creates a neural network in your brain. This is a network of allowing the wisdom voice in you to be heard.

If you are intent on moving to the next day’s material, I have provided the material in the sidebar.

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