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The Journey of YOUR Life

The Paths/Ways.

Having Time for YOUR Life.

The Content of the Courses.

The Recommendations

The Journey

You are on an extraordinary journey called “Your Life.  This is a journey that appears to be one dimensional.  It appears to have a beginning and an end.

You are invited on a different kind of journey.  This is a multi-dimensional journey.  You are created so that you might know yourself as the multi-dimensional experience that is:-

  • The Infinite living the experience of the finite.
  • The Formless living in the limitation of form.
  • The Timeless living in the limitation of Time.
  • The Universal living in the limitation of the Personal.

Without a direct personal experience of your multi-diminsional nature you will never quite feel that you are complete.  You will never truly feel at home here on this beautiful planet Earth.

All other journey’s that you take, including the journey of suffering without meaning, is calling you to step unto the road that leads you back to your true home.

In Essence you never leave this home. Nor can you ever leave it.  It is your homeplace of Love. Coming home to this place will allow you to live a life of Purpose, Passion, Peace, true Prosperity from a sense of deep Loving Presence.

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The Paths – The Ways

Tony Cuckson shares with you 10 Ways of finding Purpose, Passion and Prosperity.  These are:-The Way of YES  –  Energy Balance and Alignment

The Way of Happiness  –  Finding Inner Peace.

The Way of Poetry 1.  – Companioning YOUR Greatness.

The Way of Silence – The Secret Power of Creation.

The Way of Storytelling – Irish Mythological Storytelling.

The Way of Poetry 2 – Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire.

The Way of Awakening – The Journey of Spiritual Awakening.

The Way of the Hero – The Hero’s Journey.

The Way of Poetry 3 – The Poetry of Kalib Gribran.

The Way of Sageing – Growing Bolder NOT Older.

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Having the Time of Your Life

Each of these Ways find Purpose, Passion and Prosperity is designed to take account of your level of interest and the amount of time you wish to commit to the journey.  

Each Way is structured as follows.  You can begin with:-

  • 5 minutes each day extending to
  • 15 minutes each day extending to
  • Beyond 15 minutes to 1 hour or more each day.

You can start with the basic 5 minute 30 day course that introduces you to a specific way in which you can begin to feel connected to the magnificence that you are created to express in the world.

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The Content

The Journey Begins

  1. The 3 Essentials for the Journey
  2. The 5 Primary Attitudes for Success

The Journey Proceeds

  • The 3 Levels.
  • The 7 Stages
  • The Signposts
  • The Steps.

The Journey of Return

  • The Gift is Received.
  • The Gift is Given.

The content of these ways of guiding you to realize your magnificence are designed to teach you the language of the heart.  

The heart understands the language that includes:-

  • Poetry.
  • Storytelling.
  • Heart Song.
  • Quotations
  • Reflections.
  • Practices.

The content is focused on learning how to FEEL in alignment with the way in which Life flows through you.  The emphasis is on FEELING.

These online spiritual development courses are not designed simply to give you more information.  

They are designed for those who are willing to take the Road Less Travelled By that is the way of transformation.

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Our Recommendations

Here are our recommendations for taking a step onto the road of unifying body, mind, heart and soul.Look at the catagories on our blog that might be of interest to you.  CLICK HERE

  • Sign up for a FREE 10 Guided Meditation Course in Companioning Your Greatness based around the poetry of W. B. Yeats.  CLICK HERE.
  • Look at The Practices Section of the site that include poems, quotes, songs and videos on a particular practice.  CLICK HERE
  • Look at The Way of Happiness Online Course – 30 Days – 5 Minutes Each Day to Find Inner Peace.  CLICK HERE
  • Sign up to be notified of when the various Ways of walking the Road Less Travelled By are available for guiding you into feeling magnificent.  (See Below).


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