The Four Treasures of the Tuatha De Danaan

The story of the Four Treasures of the Tuatha De Danaan is told and unfolded with one intention. It is to invite you to fall in love with yourself – the REAL YOU. The story is told in words to take you into an experience beyond words.


Many of you may not have ever experienced that placeless place within where you know for certain that who you are is beautiful beyond measure. This beauty is not something you earn. You could never earn it because is has no measure. You can’t get it. You can only allow it to be revealed. This story and how it unfolds shares with you ways in which this revelation can be invited to be your revelation.


In listening to this story of the Four Treasures of the Tuatha de Danaan I ask that you reverence this magnificent revelation within you. Make it your intention to companion your greatness. I ask that you reverence the wholeness within and invite the experience of the holy to be your experience. Do not simply make listening to this story just one more piece of entertainment. Let it be an invitation to a new way of being in the world. Let it be a doorway to the treasure you are here to know and to share.


For a little while take time and make the time with this story and this storyteller sacred. Make it time whereby you invite the magic of the Timeless to be known through you. In order to do this you are asked to set aside the necessary time to avail of the gift. You are the gift. This gift is from the Beloved of who you are a part but never apart from. You are required to give its receipt the time and attention that it needs.


Fairy tales and mythological stories are told with a different kind of language. They are magical. They are mythic and paradoxical. They are riddles and parables. The logical mind tries to analyse and reduce this kind of story to something that it can understand. The Master Osho referred to this as ‘logic chopping.’ Rumi talks about the same issue when he advises, “Trade logic for bewilderment.”


For hundreds of thousands of years the way we learned to negotiate our way through this world was through storytelling. In Ireland the person second only to the King or Queen was the poet and storyteller. Energetically speaking this hierarchy is representative of the higher energy centres of the body that are the throat,(storyteller) brow (poet) and crown (King/Queen) chakras.


In storytelling there is the storytelling trance. This is were the storytellers voice take the audience into a deep state of listening. In the room you can hear a pin drop. The storyteller gets out of the way and the story is told through him or her. This happens with music and dance. The musician and the dancer disappear into the music and into the dance. The story, the music and the dance is expressed through a performer who has disappeared in the sense that they are no longer doing the actions.


From the voice of the storyteller there can be a transmission of knowing. You can know what it is you didn’t know before. You come home to an aspect of yourself that you had forgotten. This is not more information about yourself but the knowing of who and why you are. In listening to the story you invite listening to your true self.


The Four Treasures of the Tuatha De Danaan is not simply an old Irish story. As you will discover this story is your story. It is the story of your family. It is the story of the people you love and do not love. The story ends where you are asked to begin. You are asked to go on a treasure hunt in order to reclaim the treasure you are. This is a quest that takes courage, commitment discipline, practice and patience. You become a disciple of Love’s purpose as it created you to uniquely express through you and as you.


Listen to this recording in a quiet space where you are confident you will not be disturbed. Preferably listen while lying down on a comfortable bed or settee. Do not worry if you go to sleep. In the words of the poet Mary Oliver from her poem Wild Geese, “You only have to allow the soft animal of your body to love what it loves.”  If the body needs sleep allow it to sleep.


If you have a mobile phone switch it off or put it in a room as far away as possible and have it switched off. By doing this you are symbolically saying that you are prepared to be in communion rather than in communication. Make the room as dark as possible and if it is safe to do so light a candle to symbolize the invitation to being the light you are here to share. This was the way we used to connect together in community around the fire.and the hearth. The darkness is symbolic of birthing. This is womb time. It is time to be receptive. You are inviting the stillness that speaks from the real Stone of Destiny to speak through you but not in words.


Listen to the story. After listening turn over on your right side and rest there a while. Your personal mind will begin to kick in. Come back to your breathing. If nothing happens do not worry. Simply trust the silence and the intention. You are stepping out on a new journey and a new story which is your real story. The territory is new and as yet unfamiliar. Do not be afraid of not knowing. Trust the stillness. Trust the silence. Trust the NO-THING-NESS.


I recommend that you buy yourself a journal or notebook to record whatever thoughts and feelings arise from listening to the story or when you read about the unfolding of this story. This is important because it embodies what has been gifted to you from your listening and your intention. In this way you manifest into form that which is arising through you from the formless. In this way you honor what is given from the Giftgiver. You participate in co-creating with the Divine. In this way you honor your personal Y.E.S. that is the still small voice within. You begin to take responsibility for listening to and feeling into the magnificence that speaks through you.


Following your listening to this story do not immediately leap into activity. Give yourself time to come back into the world of time and thought. The intention is that you learn to be in the world in a different way. You are learning to be an embodiment of radiance. Being the radiance of Love is form is the REAL YOU. This is not just more information. It is revelation that revolutionizes your life. It is the Ugly Duckling finally recognizing the beauty and grace of who he really is at the lake of revelation.


I have made the story of the Four Treasures of the Tuatha De Danaan available for download at the following url and webpage.  You can simply read the story but it will be more powerful if you relax, listen and receive the words that point beyond the words. Download the audio recording here.

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