Finding Inner Happiness – 7 Steps to Abundance

/Finding Inner Happiness – 7 Steps to Abundance

Finding Inner Happiness – 7 Steps to Abundance

Finding Inner Happiness Begins Now

The 7 Steps to Learning How to Experience Happiness forms the structure of my forthcoming book entitled The Way of Happiness.

The Happiness Experience book is subtitled A Path to Living Your True Heart’s Desire. In that sense it is two very powerful invitations.

These are:-

  • A Path to Living.
  • Knowing Your True Heart’s Desire.

These two powerful invitations that invite you into learning the “how to of happiness” can be divided into seven keywords.

    1. Happiness.
    2. Experience.
    3. Path.
    4. Living.
    5. True.
    6. Heart.
    7. Desire.

Introducing the New Happiness Blog Road Map to Success

Each of these how to create a happier life blog posts are structured in the following way for your convenience.

There are three main parts to each of these posts/articles.  They are:-

    1. The Video –  Intention.
    2. The Article – Attention
    3. The Resources – Action

The video is intended to create an intention to learn more about the experience of happiness.  

The article is intended to focus your attention on how that experience is created.  

The resources (Re-Source) invites you to take action.  

These are the 3 essentials for travelling the path to learning how to experience happiness.

That’s only the beginning.

Section 1 – The Video

Short Video – 7 Steps in Learning HOW TO Experience Happiness

In the short 1 minute video below you are introduced to how the quest for happiness has unfolded within my own life.  I share with you what drives this personal experience that I refer to as The Happiness Experience.

Section 2 – The Article

If you wish to read further the article is divided as follows:-

  • Step 1 – Definition of Happiness that Will Work for Everyone.
  • Step 2 – Happiness is Awakening to Your Unique Y.E.S.
  • Step 3 – Choose the Path that Will Make All the Difference
  • Step 4 – Living in the Present Moment is the Key to Wisdom
  • Step 5 – Find Your Authentic Truth that is Beyond Belief
  • Step 6 – Discover the Emptiness of the Heart that is Forever Full
  • Step 7 – True Heart’s Desire will Have You Reaching for the Stars
  • Resources – Connecting to Your Re-Source-Fullness

Definition of Happiness that Will Work for Everyone

Step 1 – Happiness

In order to learn the how to experience happiness skill you need to be very clear about the process you practice in relation to this word ‘happiness.’

The clearer you are with regard to the process the better.  The intention of the Happiness Experience (either via book, ecourse or workshop) is that you learn how to wear this experience like a cloak.  You learn to wear it well.  

In the 30 Days to Greater Happiness email 5 minutes each day online course of instruction this is where you begin.

You are given a clear definition of the word ‘happiness’ as a process that you can grow and expand into.

This allows you to cloak yourself in a sense of purpose, peace and Presence.  You then walk in the light and be delight filled.

Step 1 is therefore getting a clear definition of what happiness is that will allow you to expand your potential in infinite ways.

Happiness is Awakening Your Unique Experience of YES

Step 2 – Experience

In learning the how to of happiness experience skill the experience you learn to connect to is your own.  

This means that it is not derived from other peoples experience of other peoples ways of being in the world.

The Happiness Experience is you unique energy signature. Some writers refer to it in this way:-

  • Soul Signature.
  • Home Frequency.
  • Good Vibration.

It is the unique way in which the Message of Love is intended by Creation to be expressed through you.

It is your personal feeling of YES flowing in alignment with the universal YES.  The further along the path you go the less there is of you and the more you are of the Universe.  

This is true Universe-City education.

Step 2 – Is learning how to trust your own unique energy system and say YES to your life.

Choose the Path that Will Make All the Difference

Step 3 –  The Path

In every moment there are two major paths that you can choose to travel in order to learn how to be happy.  One will be by way of suffering an increased sense of separateness and disconnection.

This is referred to in mythological stories as The Voyage and Return.  It is living life but finding that in the suffering that is experienced on the journey that there is found to be no meaning.

The Happiness Experience gives you direction in following the path referred to as The Road Less Traveled by.  

In the words of the poet Robert Frost travelling this path will make all the difference.  The difference will be a life lived with:-

  • Purpose.
  • Passion
  • Peace and
  • Presence.

Step 3 requires that you learn how to step unto this path and commit to staying on it.

Living in the Present Moment is the Key to Wisdom

Step 4 – Living

The intention of The Happiness Experience is to learn how to live in a more expansive, creative and impassioned way.  This means you get to live the life you love and love the life you live.

LIFE knows how to do this through you.  You need a spark of encouragement so that you can tend to this inspirational spark.  You in-tend it to become a flame of excitement. You intend that is becomes a blaze of enthusiasm and blessings.

Living means you learn how to pay attention.  You pay attention to the way in which Your Energy System (Y.E.S.) flows through the body.

You become an expert in living and loving your Y.E.S. which is your essential good vibration or home frequency.

You take responsibility for your Y.E.S.  You learn the ability to respond to the present moment rather than live as a reactionary to the past of dwell in the future.  

You learn how to respond to the Source that is the One Life.  You become Re-Source-filled.

Step 4 requires that you expand your understanding of what it means to live in the present moment and to invite awareness of the Presence of the One Life.

Find Your Authentic Truth that is Beyond Belief

Step 5 – True

The word ‘true’ does not mean that you live life from a script that declares itself to be the truth.  What is true for someone my not be essentially true for you.

What is true for you, experientially speaking, with be signaled by the level of delight (of the light) that you feel.  It will be signaled by the extent to which you wish to pour your Y.E.S. into the world in order to bless it.

Your being true will feel expansive, authentic (being in awe) exciting and enthusiastic.  The truth will be a living ever present flow of creative Re-Source-Fullness.  It is not be a dogma, a signpost that you cling to for dear life.

Step 5 requires that you more from knowledge to knowing and wisdom.  You take courage and move beyond belief in the known.

Discover the Emptiness of the Heart that is Forever Full

Step 6 – The Heart

The Happiness Experience takes you on the longest and shortest journey you will ever take.  It is also the most meaningful journey you will ever take.

This is the journey from the head to the heart.  It is a journey of paradox.  You will find that the more you are empty the head the more that Universal Intelligence will pour through you and dance through you.

This is the journey from the sense of separateness you feel to a re-connection to the One Life.

The poet Derek Walcott says it this way in his poem Love After Love:-

You will meet again the one who has loved you all your life

The one who knows you by heart.

From Love After Love by Derek Walcott.

The heart knows in a way that the head cannot know.  The head knows information. The heart knows transformation.

Step 6 is to move from intellectual knowledge to knowing and to wisdom.  To move from more information to more transformation.

True Heart’s Desire will Have You Reaching for the Stars

Step 7 – Desire

The root meaning of the word ‘desire’ means “off a star.”  You are an emanation of the ultimate creative force that is eternally moving from the force of Love.

Universal desire is creating for the joy of creating.  It creates forms such as you and I to dance through.  

Desire is not to be equated with wanting or lacking. Desire is not lacking.  It is being plugged into the Creative force of all that is.  

Step 7 is to learn how to feel in alignment with The One Desire that will bring you happiness.  This is the experience of knowing that Love and you are not ever separate.

Section 3 – The Resources

Happiness is Expanded through the Giving of Your Light

Why not give by either sharing this post and spread the invitation to The Happiness Experience for all.

Or maybe leave a comment if you post on Facebook.  Simply click on the

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to the left-hand side of the screen.  Any sharing of these articles is most appreciated and supports the promotion of a path of living from the deep hearts core.


So these are 7 Steps to Learning How To Experience Happiness.  These steps are part of a process.  

So you have, I hope been enticed to listen to the video presentation.  You have been given an overview of the process.  Now the choice is whether or not you take action.

Do not simply allow this invitation to be more information.  You do not need more information that is head learning.  Your true desire is to live in the knowing of the heart which is acquaint you with your true magnificence.

I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being. – Hafiz of Shiraz.

Your knowing what Hafiz knows, what I know, isn’t found in books no matter how holy.  You are here to know, as a direct experience, that you are a unique manifestation of Love. Happiness is found in feeling in alignment with that unique purpose.

You have to desire this transforming kind of knowing which is beyond the intellect.  You have to have a longing to belong to the truth of who you are.  You have to practice feeling in flow with the magnificence of your Y.E.S.

All that anyone can do is point the way but the direction has be pointed out by someone who has gone further on the journey than you have.  This is not someone whose clear intention is to have you cling to signposts rather than walk the path.

The Happiness Experience constantly encourages and affirms you and your magnificence.  This is done from knowing and flowing from the true experience of Love’s purpose.

The choices are not difficult.  You simply have to make the choice to act.  This is to take action in your best interest which is also taking action in the service of Love’s purpose.

Your taking action is a commitment to being willing to learn how to know Love’s purpose as it is created to express uniquely through you.  This is the way in which the Universal Intelligence that creates you says Y.E.S. through you.

You have to choose to say Y.E.S. by taking the next step.  Often this is taking the next step into the unknown but not the unknowable.  So the next step is shared with you in the Re-Source-Fullness section below.

Quest for Happiness Resources

Some of these Re-Sources are free.  Some are not.  Some are written by myself.  Most are not.  

The intention is to invite you to return to the Source of True Happiness which is always available within yourself.  This is the Universal Intelligence that knows you by heart and has, in the words of the poet Derek Walcott, “Love you all your life.”

This knowing that is beyond your intellect is your true heart’s desire.  

It is what you are on this planet to know and to glory in.  This knowing is of the heart.  You can’t get it by filling yourself up with more information.  You get it by letting go of what you think you know so that you can know true fulfilment.

Please NOTE that the emphasis here is on taking action but it has to be the right action.  Without practice the power of you habitual mindset will not change.  So Re-Source in the right way.  

Start by taking a step but take it everyday and then make it something you desire to feel each day so that you feel blessed and can bless other.  Here are this week’s recommendations below.

finding happiness course for 2016


Designed for those who want a taster in learning how to practice how to become happier.  It only asks 5 minutes each day for a period of 30 days.

It takes at least 30 days to change a habit.  This short and timely course can be your 1st step into becoming habitually focused on feeling your magnificence.

meditation course for 2016


You know meditation is good for you. Thousands of scientific studies indicate over 70 benefits of this.

Meditation is one of the key ways in which you will find happiness within.  There are many different types to suit different personalities.

Explore the options here.

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