find your inner happiness

The Way of Happiness

Find Your Inner Happiness From Within

5 Minutes Each Day for 30 Days

Are you willing to invest 5 minutes each day in learning how to allow the magnificence you are created to become to be realized through you?

Are you willing to establish The Happiness Experience habit?

It has been scientifically proven that it takes 30 days repetition of an action in order that you develop a new habit.  Develop the Happiness Experience habit.

Gift yourself five minutes each day for thirty days to feel more encouraged, excited, empowered, expectant, enthusiastic and Essential.

If you are so willing then read on.

The Happiness Experience introduces you to a magical journey of discovery where you find and claim the treasure inside you.  This is the treasure that only you are uniquely destined to gift to the world.

This magical journey of discovery is presented over 30 days in the following way:-

  • Day 01-02 – Introduction to the Magical Journey.
  • Day 03-07 – Preparation for the Journey
  • Day 08-11 – The Language of the Journey.
  • Day 12-16 – Understanding the Guidance System.
  • Day 17-19 –  Exploring the Territory.
  • Day 20-25 –  Learning the Stages of the Journey.
  • Day 26-29 –  Recognizing Signs Along the Way.
  • Day 30 –  The Journey Continues

This is only the outline.

5 Keys for Unlocking Happiness Within

Each day you are presented with 5 Key Elements that quickly restore you to honoring and following your intended magnificence.  

These keys are:-

Key 01 – The Image –  Empowers the Imagination.

Key 02 – The Poem – Encourages the Heart.

Key 03 – The Quotation – Enthusiasm for the Mind.

Key 04 – The Word – Quickly Focuses Attention

Key 05 – The Reflections/Practices – Inspires Creative Action

Start your day with these keys that will open you to the treasure within and return you to restoring your faith in the contribution that you alone are here to gift the world.

So are you willing to turn over a new leaf and explore the possibility of being in wonder?

Introduction to the Journey

In order to find happiness it is best if you have a clear idea of how you intend to focus your energy.

You need a vision that you can quest for – a modern day vision quest.

Day 1

Definition of How to Find Happiness

Learning how to experience happiness begins with a clear definition of what this experience of happiness and well-being feels like.  You then need to connect to this feeling.

Day 2

The Need to Ask the Right Question

How to find happiness is also a quest that each and everyone of us is created to express uniquely.  It is essential that you find a question that brings meaning and purpose to your life.

Preparation for the Journey

To learn to live The Happiness Experience needs commitment, discipline, focused intention, paying attention and taking creative action.

Day 3

Commit to Manifesting Your Greatness

Inside you is the treasure you seek but you are required to commit each day to becoming and companioning that greatness within you.

Day 4

Discipline your YES to Know Happiness

Learn to devote some focused time each day to feeling the flow of YES inside you.  YES stands for Your Energy System

Days 5-7

Step Into Your Infinite Creative Potential

There are three steps to the power of manifesting everything.  These steps are Intention, Attention and Action in that order.  This follows the energetic flow of Infinite Creation.

Next you are encouraged to learn the secret language that will bring you true fulfillment in living a life you love and love the live you live.

The Language of the Journey

The language of The Happiness Experience is not more information.  It is the language of expansive feeling moving from empowerment to Essence and from prosperity to Presence.

Day 8

Connection of Your Story to the Universal Story.

We explore the power of mythology that shows you how to play your starring role in the bigger story.  This is your true story of the treasured potential seeded inside you.

Day 9

Meet Again the One Who Knows You By Heart

Poetry is not the stuff you learned in school.  It is the empowering and magical language of your deep heart’s core.  It is the key that opens the door to The Happiness Experience.

Days 10-11

Beyond the Limitation of Intellectual Knowledge

Deeper still  are the powers of Paradox and Symbol.  These speak to you beyond the intellect.  This is the language that takes you through the door of transformation into a fuller knowing and being.

With the necessary commitment, focused discipline and the language of meaning and purpose for inspired living you are now ready for more detailed guidance for the journey.

Guidance for the Journey

Day 12

Definition of How to Find Happiness

How to find happiness begins with a clear definition of what this experience of happiness and well-being feels like and how you then go about connecting to this feeling.

Day 13

The Need to Ask the Right Question

How to find happiness is also a quest that each and everyone of us is created to express uniquely.

Days 14-16

The Need to Ask the Right Question

How to find happiness is also a quest that each and everyone of us is created to express uniquely.

Exploring The Territory of Happiness

The territory of happiness and well being has been mapped by wisdom teachers of all times and traditions.  There are three continuous choices to be made along the journey that include, the Path, the Stages and the Levels.

Day 17

Take the Path Less Travelled By

There are essentially two paths.  Take the path that leads to Higher Ground.  Learn how to avoid the other path that keeps you on the level of suffering without meaning.

Day 18


The Need to Ask the Right Question

The Stages of the Journey unify the personal with the universal within you.  At any stage you can get stuck or regress to a lower stage.

Days 19


The Need to Ask the Right Question

Levels are progressively expansive ways of seeing the world.  The higher the level the happier is your world view.

Competence at one stage or level leads to entry to another stage or level.

The Stages of the Journey 

The stages of the journey to happiness are more like the experience of walking a labyrinth.  The closer you move to the center the further away you sometimes are.  Still the center is assured if you keep walking the path.

Day 20

Happiness is a Feeling of Embodied Radiance

You are here to be a radiant expression of Love’s Purpose.  This is an embodied experience.  You learn to allow the flow of YES that arises from the center.

Day 21


Happiness is found in relationship beyond opposites

Finding happiness is an expansive journey for ‘I’ to ‘We.’  It is the journey from a feeling of separateness to unity.  It is the journey from Iness to the sovereign experience of your royal INESS.

Days 22-25


Willingness to Live Wholeheartedly

Happiness is the experience of wholehearted living.  This is where you move from the will to power to the will to Love.  You see and you speak into manifestation what is loved through you.

The Stages of the Journey are not linear.  The signs of your unfolding magnificence will come.  They are felt as increased excitement, empowerment and enthusiasm.

These signs also include:-

The Signs Along the Way

The Signposts to follow will appear along the way dependent on your level of commitment, discipline, intention, attention and action that then flows as Love in Action.

Day 26

Experiencing the Paradoxical Power of Silence

The really powerful individuals who have greatly benefited humanity all fall deeply in love with the most creative place in the Universe.  This is the paradoxical power of silence within.

Day 27


Meaningful Co-Incidences and Ahah Moments

Universal intelligence begins to affirm you.  It is always affirming you would that you allow it.  Synchronicity and Ahah moments are signs that your energy system, your personal YES, is in alignment with the purpose of Love.

Days 28-29


Beauty, Attractiveness and Gratitude Becomes YOU

Your energy system is now in free flow.  You have walked to the center.  You know how to abide there.  You are now ready to return with the gift of who you truly are as a unique expression of the One Life and the One Love.

Now the choice comes to decide if The Happiness Experience as presented here is really for you or not.

Still Wondering if The Happiness Experience is for YOU?

The Happiness Experience is a course focused around those things that I love and that bring me alive and feeling wholehearted.  These may not speak to you in the same way that they speak to me.

The Happiness Experience is NOT for you if

  • You cannot find five minutes each day for 30 days to invest in flowering the magnificence within yourself.
  • You get bored by the language of the heart that is poetic, artistic, mythic and inspirational.
  • You want a quick fix to problems simply by reading about the answers from so called experts.
  • You avoid anything that touches you deeply and invites you to change.
  • Happiness is just about your needs and not the contribution that you are here to gift to the world.

The Happiness Experience is for YOU if

  • You are willing to invest a little time in exploring the possibility of realizing the magnificence within you.
  • The language of love, gratitude, flow, creativity, purpose, meaning and passion exite you and leave you wanting more.
  • You are prepared to step out of your comfort zones into new ways of seeing, knowing and being in the world.
  • You care about the contribution you are created to gift to the world and are willing to invite your life to matter.

The Way of Happiness Testimonals

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The real cost of missing The Happiness Experience is feeling the absence of knowing how to love the way in which the universe uniquely, purposefully and passionately expresses through them.  Do not let this be you.

Come out of the Circle of Time.  Come into the Circle of Love – Rumi.

I have one intention with regard to the pricing of The Happiness Experience Program of Learning.  I desire that everyone afford themselves the opportunity to take the magical journey into knowing their own greatness.

Therefore the price of The Happiness Experience is $19.00.  This is equivalent to less than a cup of coffee each morning or you daily newspaper.

In addition I offer a 100% refund, no questions asked guarantee if at any time after you take the course you feel you did not receive value for money.

The Happiness Experience Money Back Guarantee

In addition you might like to be aware of the following questions that have been asked by students of this program.

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Q. What Happens after 30 Days is finished?

You can sign up to be notified of our other 30 day course which are presently being written.

These include:-

The Yeats Experience –  Inspiration from the poetry of W. B. Yeats.

The YES Experience –  Learning to align Your Energy System.

The Healing Experience – The Power of Storytelling to Transform you Life.

and more.

Q. Do You Have Longer Programs than 5 Minutes?

If you want to extend the 5 minutes each day to 10 or more minutes each day we are developing a series of audio programs of instruction which share in more depth the invitations as presented in the 5 minute program.

Q. Do You Teach any Off Line Programs?

We run The Happiness Experience as a series of workshops and evening courses.  These range from a 2 hour evening course given over 6 weeks.  There are various lengths of workshop ranging from 2 hours to a full day.  These are presently only available in Ireland.

An finally.

The Happiness Experience 5 minutes 30 Day email course is written from the following poetic intention.

I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being. ― Hafiz of Shiraz

This astonishing light is always inside you.  It never goes out.  It only gets obscured.

This 5 minute 30 day course is by way of a reminder.  You are reminded to become a light unto yourself.  From this radiance of knowing and seeing you become delight filled.

From this feeling of delight you pour forth as Love in Action.  You feel blessed and you know you are here to be a unique expression of blessing of each and everyone of us.

If you feel that The Happiness Experience could remind you of your magnificence then please join me in that journey of companioning your greatness.

Simply click on beautiful image below that invites you to connect to the light inside you.

The investment in your magnificence is the princely sum of $19.00  

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