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2 09, 2017

Awaken the Force Within – Inner Body Awareness

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Inner body awareness is not only a foundational practice of well being and health but also:-A magical Gateway to Divine Presence and A Guidance System that keeps you on Purpose. Connects you to Your Untapped Potential and Prosperity. Awakens the Healing Force Within YOU. The practice of inner body awareness is the foundational step on the longest and shortest journey. This is the journey that each and everyone is destined to go on.It is the journey of moving from the head to the Deep Heart’s Core.

27 08, 2017

Heart Awakening – Following the Message of Love

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The message that comes from Love’s Messenger has a language all its own.It is the language ofPoetry, Parable, Paradox, Metaphor, Riddle and Myth. Love's message might come as a line from a poem, a lyric of a song or as a series of seemingly coincidental events which are filled with meaning beyond logical understanding.The message of love comes in symbols that are revealed in dreams and in images that appear in your everyday life.

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