Being Beautiful – Introduction

The Four Treasures and the Tuatha de Danaan

Being Beautiful is centred around the Irish Mythological story of The Four Treasues of Ireland and the people called the Tuatha de Danaan.

Using this Irish mythological story Tony Cuckson takes you into Learning how to claim these treasures so that you can follow your destiny, find focus, discern what is your path and realize the fullness that you are here to gift the world.

These four treasures are:-

  • The Stone of Destiny
  • The Sword of Nuada
  • The Spear of Lugh
  • The Cauldron of Plenty

The author has made available a download of the introduction to this book including the chapter HOW TO use this book.

People of Orphalese, beauty is life when life unveils her holy face.

But you are life and you are the veil.

Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror.

But you are eternity and you are the mirror.

– The Prophet – Khalil Gibran

What does it mean to know that the beauty is inside you.? Does it mean having the right kind of face and body, wearing the right clothes and portraying the right image? All of these may express a certain kind of culturally determined kind of beauty but this is not what it means to live as someone who knows and feels their ‘being’ as beautiful and thus knows beauty to be an essential attribute of who they are.

Authentic beauty, which is beyond image, arises from Being. You are made in the image of God. God is Love. Thus you are the beautiful creation of Love’s imagination. You are also a human being.  The word ‘human’ is ‘hu’ and ‘man.’ The word ‘hu’ means “The sound of God.” You are thus already a resounding success because you are a unique expression of Creation. To feel this unique connection is to know what authentic beauty feels like.  You know yourself, not simply as a beautiful person, but as the Presence of Beauty in form beyond the personal.

Being beautiful is not something you do so much as realize.  You can of course make yourself look more beautiful but if that is not felt to be who you feel yourself to be then it will not last. To ask, “What doe it feel like to be beautiful?” is like asking a Zen Koan. A Zen koan is a question such as, “What is the sound of one hand clapping?” This kind of question is experiential and existential. These kind of questions takes you on a kind of vision quest. Each in their own way answers the essential question, “Who am I.” In realising the answer you know that you are beauty in form even if that form you experience as your body is not culturally affirmed as being beautiful.

When I write a book I find it helps to give a definition that encapsulates what it is I am trying to invite. Here is the definition of Being Beautiful which will be unfolded through storytelling, poetry, lyrics and practices.

Being beautiful is knowing who you are as a unique expression of Love flowing through the form of the body willingly open to the emptiness that is forever full.

This is not the usual definition of beauty that you find in the latest beautiful people magazines that fill the shelves in the newspaper section of supermarkets and elsewhere.  

Here the focus is on image, celebrity and personality.  It is not on the feeling connection to the Essence that you are and finding fulfillment through pouring that Essence into the world to bless yourself and others.

Being beautiful requires that your focus in life be reversed from the way in which Western culture programs you to feel and act in the world. It requires you to move from the mask of personality to the felt beauty of Presence. It requires you to know who you are beyond the intellect and information about yourself that you present to the world. It requires that you give up rags for riches.  It requires that you take authority for awakening the Sleeping Beauty within you and to live happily ever after beyond the limitation that is having the time of your life.

Awakening to the Beauty of Being is not something you do although you have to commit to some form of daily practice that invites this kind of revelation. It is more a letting go and letting be.

However, you need to be encouraged in feeling excited, feeling empowered so that you willingly let go into the knowing of your magnificence beyond the sense of the personal self. You have to let go of the story that you are other than beautiful and magnificent. This story you are required to give up is the story of the personality or the mask that you present to the world in order to be seen as acceptable so that you might belong. In this story of the separate self, which is your personal story, there is always a sense of conditionality. You think, “If they really knew who I was maybe they wouldn’t like me.  Maybe no one would truly love me.”

Being Beautiful is growing into the revelation of the emptiness that is forever full. This seems to be a scary invitation. It is to the ego which thinks that emptiness is a kind of nothingness into which it disappears.  The ego is correct in its assumption.  However, what disappears is your sense of limitation.  You become open to the Boundlessness of Love. This is a paradoxical experience. You can only know true fulfillment through having the courage to be empty.  There is no loss here although the ego feels that there is and feels threatened by the invitation. This experience is a process you journey into. It is the revelation of Being. It is a form of dying into life. As  mystics from all traditions and no tradition often say, “Die before you die so that you will know that you are the birthless and deathless One.”

The people who know what it is to be beautiful are those who know the real story. These are those who know how to live the Impersonal Life and create a boundary for the boundless. These are the beautiful people who leave stories that point the way toward the knowing of beauty. These stories are wonder tales that invite you into the wondrous knowing of who you are. These are the stories of myth that override the intellect and speak to you in the language of symbol and meaning would that you be courageous enough to open your heart to receive their invitation. These stories are maps of the territory that take you out of the ordinary world of the separate sense of self into the extraordinary and boundless world of the true Self.

These mythological stories are treasure maps. However, they are written in a kind of foreign language. This is the language of the heart that the head does not understand and which thinks is nonsensical and confusing. It is the language of paradox, parable, riddle and mystery. It is the language of non-duality. It is the language of poetry and inspirational song writing. This is also a language of energy. It moves from the energy of encouragement to Essence. It is a language that invites, not belief, not knowledge but knowing. It takes you beyond belief.

In this book I will be sharing with you an Irish story entitled The Four Treasures of the Tuatha De Danaan. This is both a traditional and nontraditional story. Stories are not set in stone. They evolve according to the consciousness of the time in which they are told. I tell stories with one essential intention. This is to invite you to fall in love with who you are beyond the mask of personality so that you might know the beauty of living what the mystic writer Joseph Bremer called The Impersonal Life. Let me remind you again that there is no sense of loss here. You are invited to expand into infinity (beyond form) and into eternity (beyond time). To invite this knowing of the boundless and the timeless within you it is required that you surrender the idea of who you think you are to become the knowing of who you truly are. This is beyond intellectual knowledge. You are the one who is to know. You are the one who is to become the knower rather than the one who knows about. Knowledge is information. It can be useful but it is not knowing. It is not revelation. It is not insight. It is not insider seeing. Knowing about what it is to be beautiful is not knowing what it is to be beautiful. The question the reader is asked to explore is, “Do I really want to be beautiful or do I simply want more information?”

You can only find the treasure you are by becoming the treasure you are. This is a great paradox that you alone can allow yourself to know. No one can reveal it to you. They can only point the way. In the lines from the poem The Bright Field by R.S. Thomas you are told that you have to be willing to give everything to possess it. Rather you allow this beauty to possess you.

To become beautiful you are required to become a nobody, a nowhere man or woman. See how challenging it is to be one who walks this world in beauty. You are required to willingly become as nothing so that the boundlessness of NO-THING can flow through you.  This is true fulfillment.  Nothing is lost. Please note that giving up everything does not mean that you are required to take a vow of poverty. It means you allow nothing to possess you other than the fullness of the Divine revelation which you then pour away into the world for the highest good of all.

This way of Being Beautiful is a different kind of story. It is the story of Love’s eternal becoming. You are a part of this story but never in reality ever apart from it. You have been told other stories. Essentially the old story you have been told is the story of the separate sense of self. You have eaten of a poisoned apple that has put you to sleep. You are asleep to your Essence. You are asleep to seeing and living from your true origin and your original face.

Stories are pointers to the path that has stages and steps. This path is both unique and common to all those who have walked it. These are the beautiful people who want you to be the knowing of beauty in form that is Love’s Message flowing through an open mind and heart. Will you walk with me now and invite the treasure you are to be know to you? Will you listen a while to the story of The Four Treasures of the Tuatha De Danaan.  While this is an Irish story it is also a universal story. It is your story. This story ends where you are invited to begin. You are invited to know the Beauty that in so many hearts has been driven underground.  You are invited to courageously claim the treasure that Creation knows you to be. You are invited tp know and radiate the beauty of Being and walk this world Being Beautiful and be so well informed by Love. Are you so willing?

The Beginning

 of Learning



Education is not the filling of a pail

But the lighting of a fire.

W. B. Yeats

Learning to be beautiful is a journey in time to a timeless state that you find you have never left and can ever leave. It is not the acquisition of more intellectual information. It is letting go into transformation. While it is a journey in time the revelation of beauty can happen in what The Course in Miracles refers to as, “the holy instant.” This an instant experience of knowing that which is whole and holy within you.

You are never not whole although most of the time this is not most people’s personal experience. Wholeness is not simply the health of the body/mind. Wholeness is your feeling experience of union with that which is forever whole. This is the One Life and the One Love. This wholeness is not something you achieve. It is essentially who you are. You have forgotten.

All wisdom teachers teach one thing and invite one thing (which is in reality a NO-THING). This is remembrance. They teach re-union. They teach yoga in its fullness. This re-membering, this reunion is what your heart and soul long for. Like the prodigal son and daughter that each of us are we long to come home. We long to come home to the experience of unconditional Love of which we are a part but never apart from. We are the ultimate adventurers into that dimension were in truth angels fear to tread.

The beginning of learning to be the revelation of beauty that you are designed to be and express requires an about turn in your thinking. It is a turning from a focus on the outer world to the inner world. The primary world from which all forms arise is the formless. The primary world is manifested from within. This is what it means to experience ‘conversion.’ Conversion is not converting from one religious teaching to another. It is the way in which you focus your attention. This conversion is not a one-time experience. It is an ongoing experience. This conversion begins in all sincerity when you answer YES to the question posited by the modern mystic and father of modern science Albert Einstein when he said “I think the most important question facing humanity is, “Is the universe a friendly place?’ This is the first and most basic question all people must answer for themselves.”

This is essential. This is the beginning of the conversion process that takes you into knowing the REAL YOU. I state it another way. You are required to say YES to the flow of Y.E.S. The word Y.E.S here is an acronym standing for “Your Energy System.” You allow it to flow and guide you. You pay attention to your inner experience that moves from excitement all the way through to Essence.

The beginning of this conversion process is a commitment to trust your own inner knowing. The key ingredient is trust. This is trust, not in another, but in your life force that emanates and radiates through you from the One Life. This is willingness to live from what the writer Penney Peirce refers to as your ‘home frequency.’

Another word related to conversion is the word ‘repentance.’ Do you remember that word? I certainly do. This was a word central to my religious upbringing in my homeland of Northern Ireland. The invitation from this word was an invitation to feeling guilty. I was encouraged to feel guilty because I was somehow responsible for the death of an innocent man as a consequence of a distant relative having disobeyed a God who set them up to be wrong. The word ‘repent’ simply means “to turn around.” It asks you to make your inner world central to how you live your life. You are asked to live from the centre and radiate into the world the Light of Love.

This is practical living. There is absolutely no need to feel guilty. In fact it is an invitation to feel connected to the Source of joy. It is the beginning of learning of inner knowing, insight and revelation. It is the invitation to another word. This is the word and the experience of ‘atonement.’ This is the invitation “to be at one with.” – at – one – ment. It is what you are meant to know and to be. Absolutely no guilt required. There is only the willingness to be in celebration of who you are and know from whom you emanate.

Being beautiful requires that you have a beautiful mind. You do. You are a unique individual expression of the one Beautiful Mind. This is not the mind you think you are that you refer to each and every day as “I, me and mine.” This mind tends, for the most part, not to allow you to feel the experience of beauty. This invitation to beauty is symbolized by the woman in the poem by W. B. Yeats entitled The Song of the Wandering Aengus.

It had become a glimmering girl

With apple blossoms in her hair

Who called me by my name and ran

And faded through the brightening air.


The name this glimmering girl calls you by is not your personal name. It is your eternal good vibration. This is the name that calls you home. It allows you to re-member who you are. Once called, you like Wandering Aengus, will search the hollow lands and hilly lands until you find her again. You will then stay with her till time is done. This ending of time is not the end of the world. It is the ending of the sense of the separate self. The hollows and hills that you seek through are not in the physical world. They are states of consciousness you move through in your mind.

This glimmering girl is the voice of Love that calls you in each and every moment in its myriad ways would that you be still and know. This is not knowledge. It is knowing. Knowing is where you become what is known. You become what you seek. The experience and the experiencer are one. There is At-One-Ment. To be still and know God is to be still and know you are Love. You know this for certain because the separate sense of the self that is fear filled and doubt filled is not your dominant presence. You still are but you know you are so much more than you could ever think. You are the Presence of Love in form. Any other information pales into insignificance.

Learning to be the beauty you are means you learn to return to allowing Universal Mind to use you for the purpose for which it created you. This is not a mind apart from your own. It is your real mind. Flowing from this thinking without thinking is what it truly means “to be in joy of your Self.” Joy is the blessing you feel in aligning your purpose with Love’s Purpose. Your agenda and your purpose for Being is secondary. Paradoxically, however, taking second place to that of Universal intention allows you to experience ultimate fulfillment.

Most probably in the education process that you were trailed through you spent very little time on understanding the power of the mind. This applies even to those who majored in psychology. This way in which the modern person uses their mind has created a kind of normal insanity. Most people take the voice in their head, that is constantly playing repetitive, tangential fear based mental constructs, as their mind.

This is the equivalent of taking a badly tuned radio playing static and white noise as being equivalent to the sound of a virtuoso playing a Stradivarius violin or cello. One will drive you insane. The other will melt your heart. Mike Scott, singer songwriter with The Waterboys calls this mental static “the madman in the cave of the skull.” This constant static in your mind is not your real mind. It will never bring you peace of mind. It will never guide you home. It will keep you living in a wasteland of a life lived without ever having known the Love that you are.

The first practical step in learning to Be Beautiful is to learn how to unlearn. This is not learning through concepts but through personal direct experience. It is not learning to believe but learning how to feel confident in “unknowing.” The word ‘confidence’ means “with faith in.” Faith here is akin to the word ‘trust.’ Trust means you do not know but that you are willing to step into the unknown but not the unknowable. You are willing to enter into the stillness and the power of silence in order to be known through.

What knows through you is the eternal movement of Love. This energetic movement I call “knowing.” It is not intellectual knowledge. When knowing happens through you then you will know how beautiful you are. It isn’t something you think about. It is a knowledge and intelligence beyond ‘aboutness.’ Knowing about is always second hand. The knower and the knowledge are separate. It might be useful information but it is not information that that transforms and takes you into knowing who you are beyond the limitation of form.

We live in an age of information overload. Being Beautiful allows you to move and flow in the timeless realm of transformation. This is what your heart longs for. It longs to feel connected to the Source of Love but the mind you call your own gets in the way. You think you know but for the most part what you know is a “knowing about.” Real knowledge, real knowing is when, out of the stillness of mind and heart, you are willing to be known through. What is known through you is the Message of Love.

This is the way destiny speaks through you and as you. This speaking through you is the revelation invited from the first treasure of The Tuatha de Danaan. This is The Stone of Destiny which declares the rightful King/Queen of Ireland should that rightful King/Queen sit upon this stone. You are the rightful King/Queen of Ireland but Ireland is not to be simply thought of as an island lying between the British mainland and the United States of America. Within the story of the Four Treasures of the Tuatha de Danaan the land of Ireland is an inner state that you are invited to know as your timeless experience of Being.

I am of Ireland,

And the Holy Land of Ireland,

And time runs on,’ cried she.

‘Come out of charity,

Come dance with me in Ireland

– W.B. Yeats


You are invited to dance as the personal “I am” unified within that stateless I AM state that is referred to as the Holy Land of Ireland. This is a state of wholeness. It is a state of timelessness. It is a state where you are out of your personal mind so that the Universal mind might know itself through you. In learning how to unlearn going out of your mind is a choice you willingly enter. There is no loss here. Infinite possibility and creativity become available to you as symbolized by the fourth treasure which is the Cauldron of Plenty. This Cauldron of Plenty like the human heart connected to the Source is empty but forever full. This is true Re-Source-full-ness.

The mind you think you are is the mind of the persona – the mask – the ego – the separate sense of the self. This is needed. This personal mind is a wonder. However, rather than be the blessing it is created to be as an expression of co-creating Heaven on Earth, it has become a curse that creates for many people a hell of their own making. We are given free will to create any kind of Heaven or Hell we wish.

The foundational tool for co-creation is your mind. Change your mind and you change the world. Note here that you are not being invited into the power of positive thinking. You are being invited to tune into the One Mind. This in reality is the only mind there is. To step into this One Mind is what St. Paul meant when he invited you to put on the Mind of Christ. This is the experience of feeling At-One-Ment with the Source. This is the Source of Infinite Love.

Putting on the Mind of Christ is not a belief you adopt. It is a radical but most practical way of being in the world. It is the Way of Beauty. Renewing your mind is a daily practice. It invites renewal not only of the mind but the body. Every day you have to give it at least some time. This is the real experience of going on vacation. You vacate the mind you think you are for the One Mind you truly are. This is inviting the real holiday experience that is a day when you enter a day of feeling whole. Then, like the American poet, painter and playwright E. E. Cummings, you can declare the blessing your are here to be.

i thank You God for most this amazing

day: for the leaping greenly spirits of trees

and a blue dream of sky;and for everything

which is natural which is infinite which is yes


(i who have died am alive again today,

and this is the sun’s birthday;this is the birth

day of life and love and wings; and of the gay

great happening ilimitably earth)


how should tasting touching hearing seeing

breathing any – lifted from the no

of all nothing – human merely being

doubt unimaginable You?

(now the ears of my ears awake and

now the eyes of my eyes are opened)


e.e. cummings

In order to invite such entry into this experience of universal intelligence flowing through an open mind and heart it is useful for you to know about the levels of the mind.

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