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Extract from Awakening the Heart book begins below.

This is the Preface.


All a sane man can ever do is give love – Hafiz


Awakening to the Message of Love


The Message of Love will come. It is waiting for you to open the window of your heart. Love’s message appears in many ways. It can come to you as a one off revelation that will change your world view. You see the world from a vision of Oneness rather than a myriad of separate forms.

It can come as:-

  • a progressive and integrative series of patterns called archetypes or it can come as a recurring dream.
  • Love’s Message can come as an incidence of suffering such as loss of a job,a death of a loved one, a divorce or a long term illness.
  • It can come as a deep question of existence such as “Who am I?” or “Why am I here?”

Awakening the Heart Language

The message that comes from Love’s Messenger has a language all its own. It is the language of

  • Poetry
  • Parable
  • Paradox
  • Metaphor
  • Riddle and myth.

Love’s Message might come as a line from a poem, a lyric of a song or as a series of seemingly co-incidental events which are filled with meaning beyond logical understanding. The Message of Love comes in symbols that are revealed in dreams and in images that appear in your everyday life.

Fear comes from the mind, love comes from your heart; listen to the heart. – Osho

Love’s messenger can come at any time but it often becomes more insistent during mid-life between the ages of thirty-five and fifty years. In whatever way Love’s Message comes the essential intention is the same. This message is intended to reveal your magnificence.

It reveals to you that you are essentially created for joy. You are not created within this dimension of time and space simply to suffer and endure. The Message of Love brings you the direct revelation that you are not only loved but Love is essentially who you are. This is the revelation you are here to be and to gift to the world.

The Heart as A Bridge to Union


awakening the heart book

The heart bridges the personal with the universal within you


The Message of Love is felt through an open heart. It is no coincidence that the heart is at the centre of the body. The heart bridges the personal with the universal within you. It bridges that which is bound to time with that which is boundless and eternal. This is the heart that shows us how to be true to our own nature.

Through the heart that we connect to the unique way in which the Message of Love is intended to express through us. It is through the heart that we find meaning and purpose. In feeling Love’s Message through the heart we are able to live the question, “What is it you intend to do with your one wild and precious life?” This is the question that ends the poem by Mary Oliver entitled The Summer Day.


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Awakening the Heart – 3 Key Steps

There are three steps that you need to follow in order to open to Love’s Message. These three steps are

  1. Setting your intention
  2. Paying attention and
  3. Taking action

Nothing is created or manifested within this world of time and space without intention. This is our primary power. With the power of intention you are a co-creator with the Divine. You are made in the image of Source energy which is moved by the force of Love to express as Love in form.

In the first stage of life between the age of zero and thirty-five years our power of intention tends to be focused on creating a personal sense of self driven by the desires of the ego. During the period called mid-life we are called by our soul to transition into expressing, not our personal intention, but universal intention.

This is a call from your soul to become all that we are intended to become and to claim your birthright in knowing that you are eternal. The degree to which we resist this call is the degree to which we suffer and find ourselves in some kind of crisis.


Universal song

sing a song through me

Any song will do

– Rumi

Practices for Awakening the Heart

In order to receive Love’s Message the heart has to willingly open to the intention of the universe.

Therefore, the first step in beginning your day is to set your intention to be open to universal intention. This is essentially a practice of letting go and letting God/Love.

The second step is to pay attention during the day to the ways in which Love’s Message is calling you. In the words of the poet Rumi you, “Trade logic for bewilderment.”

You are required to trust the wild unknown of your heart over the rational mind. Let this paying attention be a form of relaxed attention. Do not go looking for results. You are simply learning to be open to the flow of Creation and to open your awareness and receptivity. The Message of Love will come. How it comes isn’t for you to decide. The ability to receive Love’s Message is a feminine focus of receptivity and open heartedness.


A thousand half-loves must be forsaken to take one whole heart home.”
― Jalaluddin Rumi, Words of Paradise: Selected Poems of Rumi


The third step is to take action. Love’s Message doesn’t usually arrive as a blinding light on the road to Damascus as happened to Saul who was then transformed into the new man called Paul. A lot of the time is spent in learning to trust the process and this is more often than not a subtle process.

The invitation to Love’s Message is facilitated through a daily spiritual practice. This requires commitment and discipline which are aspects of learning the art of loving and the art of learning to discern what is an intimation from your soul and what is a dictate of the ego.


awakening the heart chakra

You become an expanding expression of universal love. You are a living paradox.

The Paradox of an Awakened Heart


Learning to follow Love’s Message allows you to live a life where you are guided to say and do the most appropriate things in the present moment. You live from a state of flow and creative expansion. You live from a mind that is at peace and you have access to the wild intelligence of Presence.

Living the Message of Love allows you to give yourself away. You become a spendthrift of joy. Your joy is in expressing the fullness of who you are with purpose and passion. In this way you find peace and true prosperity and become the realization of Love in form.

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Become an expanding expression of universal love. Become a living paradox. Realize you are the eternal having an experience of limitation within time –  Celebrate yourself as the boundless having a limited experience within form. You are the play of Creation created for the joy of being. The only thing left for you to do is to share your magnificence and give yourself away in joy for the highest good of all.


Awakening the Heart Book Review

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The Awakening the Heart book shares

  • 21 Ways for Following Love’s Message.
  • Related practices for heart awakening and
  • The personal journey of the writer.

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