How to Find Authentic Happiness in your Life

/How to Find Authentic Happiness in your Life

How to Find Authentic Happiness in your Life

I want to start with a definition of authentic happiness which has certain qualities linked with it. These qualities include:-

  1. Does not change with time
  2. Is able to expand
  3. Gives meaning and for purpose for life
  4. Is practical for everyday living

I came up with this definition for how to find authentic happiness in life.

Authentic happiness is feeling the flow of creative energy through body, mind, heart and soul, in alignment with Love’ purpose.

The key words and phrases to be noted here are:-

  • Feeling
  • Flow
  • Creative energy
  • Body mind
  • Heart and soul
  • In alignment
  • Love’s purpose

The Key the Opens the Door to Being Authentic

The key phrase in this definition of ‘authentic happiness’ are the words ‘Love’s purpose.’

So what does this mean for you?

It means taking a first step into answering what is probably the most challenging of questions.

The question is, “Do you know what Love’s purpose is in your life?  Do you know how your life purpose fits with this infinite purpose. Do you know how your story is a part off but never apart from The Infinite story?”

Think about it.

The immediate problem that most people are faced with, and this is especially so in the Western world, is the problem around understanding the word ‘love.’  What does this word actually mean? Like the word ‘God’ it’s full of baggage and misunderstanding.

Love, like all other words, is only a signpost pointing toward an experience. Many people spend much of their lives clinging to the signposts rather than taking the journey into the unknown with all its infinite possibilities.

Inuit people have more than thirty words to describe various experiences of snow. This understanding of snow helps them stay alive in the dangerous landscape of the Arctic Circle. In the English language we have one word for love that is supposed to guide us through the vastness and the possibility contained within that word.

I remember when walking with an Indian friend in Roundhay Park in Leeds. He said to me, “Tony, the problem for you Western people is that you only have one word for love. In India we have around twenty and more words for love.”

In this blog I intentionally capitalize the letter ‘L’ at the beginning in the word ‘Love.’ For the purpose of this definition of authentic happiness let me begin by stating that Love (with a capital L) is a state of being.

Authentic Happiness is Your Natural State of Being

This state of being is your natural state. The state of being is in essence who you are and what you are created to express. I say it this way. You are the dance of Love in form.

This state of being is known, not through the intellect but through feeling.

By the way.

Feeling is to be distinguished from emotion. Feeling is the free flow of Love’s purpose through a body, mind and heart. It is an emanation from the soul.

Emotion is the flow of energy in motion usually driven from the sense the personal identity based on personal beliefs and attachments to ideas about the self.

Your life purpose is to feel in alignment with Love’s purpose. It is essential to make the distinction between inner purpose and outer purpose. As a modern mystic and writer Eckart Tolle writing in A New Earth- Create a Better Life says:-

Inner purpose concerns being and is primary. Outer purpose concerns doing and is secondary.

Must all of us are primarily focused on our secondary purpose which, if non-aligned with our primary purpose, leads to loss of meaning and purpose. This is especially so during the second half of life. It is in the so called midlife crisis that we come into alignment with Life’s purpose.

Authentic Happiness is Being on Purpose

So what is Being?  

Being is paramount. It is your Essence. It is the flow of the One Life moving through you. You are a unique dance of the infinite Dance of Love moving through the form of a body. You are never not this. You can never not be this.

To know this as the very foundation of your life experience is to know what I refer to as The Great Happiness.

Now for the not so good news.

The question is this. “Are you prepared to move from ‘doing your life’ to the primary purpose of being in flow with the One Life?”  It is ONLY in this way that you will love the life you live and live the life you love.  

Only in this way will know what it authentically feels like to be blessed and to bless.

In the quest for true happiness, the Great Happiness you journey into learning how “to be.” Shakespeare asked the question in the play Hamlet, “To be or not to be that is the question?”

The answer is essentially learning how to stop not being. You were never apart from being. You are like the fish in the sea looking for a water. This matter for the water stands for your looking for happiness that you essentially are always abiding within.

What is it to be Inauthentic?

Simply stated.

You are not being authentic when your energy is moving from thought and emotion that is driven from your identification with a persona (meaning ‘mask’) or image that you present to the everyday world.

There is a real energetic difference between someone who lives from an image or persona and someone who lives from a state of Being. The one living from the state  of being has a personality that is authentic.

They are lit up from within. They have a deep sense of being true to who they are because they know that who they are is beyond ideas, emotions and what they do.

They are living the invitation from the Oracle of Delphi which invites authenticity when it says, “To thine own self be true.”  This is not the self that you identify with is being the sum of your experience. Truth here is not a dogma. It is a moment-to-moment energetic relationship of feeling from the center.

Step 1 for Finding Authentic Happiness is Not What You Think

The first key in living The Happiness Experience is the turnaround.

You turn your attention from having your primary focus on the outer world to intentionally having your focus move inward. You practice having your attention not taken up totally by what is happening in the outer world.

You ensure that there is always a feeling of connection to the centre, out of which life happens through you from the fullness of the One Life. Then you have a lovely liberating experience.  You begin to realize that it isn’t so much that you have to do everything, but that you allow everything to be done through you.

You turn your attention from a focus on thought and emotion to witnessing the thoughts and the emotions and allowing them to be secondary to the free flow of higher feeling states that allow you to feel authentically real.

Treat yourself.  Give yourself some Presence.

In this way happiness is not something you get. It is felt to be an energetic response to feeling connected to the present moment and to the Presence of the One Life that in Essence is who you are..

Happiness is recognized as the ability to remain connected to this Presence that is infinitely full and which you allow to pour through you. This fulfills the primary and the secondary purpose.


The primary purpose of the One life expresses as a unique creative expression through the form that you are. This expression is secondary.  These are never separate unless you forget who you are and why you are.

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