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24 08, 2017

Finding Inner Happiness – 7 Steps to Abundance

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The 7 Steps to Learning How to Experience Happiness forms the structure of my forthcoming book entitled The Way of Happiness. The Way of Happiness book is subtitled A Path to Living Your True Heart’s Desire. In that sense it is two very powerful invitations. These are:- A Path to Living. Knowing Your True Heart’s Desire. These two powerful invitations that invite you into learning the “how to of happiness” can be divided into seven keywords. Happiness. Experience. Path. Living. True. Heart. Desire.
16 09, 2016
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The Quest for Happiness Begins Here and Now

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The Happiness Experience is created out of the following passionate and poetic intention as expressed by the mystic Hafiz:- I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being - Hafiz of Shiraz It is an ardent wish of this writer that you know, beyond simple intellectual knowledge, the experience that will light up your life. This wish did not appear overnight. It has been a journey that began in early childhood. This wish continues to be fulfilled each and every day.
10 08, 2016
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How to Find Authentic Happiness in your Life

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I want to start with a definition of authentic happiness which has certain qualities linked with it. These qualities include:- Does not change with time Is able to expand Gives meaning and for purpose for life Is practical for everyday living I came up with this definition for how to find authentic happiness in life. Authentic happiness is feeling the flow of creative energy through body, mind, heart and soul, in alignment with Love’ purpose. The key words and phrases to be noted here are:- Feeling Flow Creative energy Body mind Heart and soul In alignment Love’s purpose